All I want for my birthday is to wear a bikini.

I just want to be toned enough to feel amazing in a bikini this summer. I've never worn one & I think I deserve it after all the hard work I've done/will be doing. Please feel free to follow & share your fit stories with me as well! I follow back! (As long as you're promoting healthy weight loss- I will not follow any pro ana blogs. Sorry.)

SW: 147
CW: 143

Starting Measurements:

Bust: 34
Waist: 29
Hips: 41

*tone abs, legs & butt

UGW:120's-130's: bikini/new clothes!

Goal measurements:

Waist: ~25-27
Hips: ~36-38

Diet: Vegetarian. (3 years & counting!)
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I haven’t been blogging much lately because I fell out of my routine for a minute, especially when I went on vacation last week, but today I’m starting over. I’ll be back in the gym in a couple of hours & I have a breakfast smoothie chilling in my freezer as I type. Here’s to eating healthy, exercising and blogging again! :)

If you’ve fallen out of your routine, don’t give up!!

So, I worked pretty much all weekend and I didn’t have a chance to blog everything I did/ate, but I still did pretty well. I don’t remember all of the specifics of what I ate, but I definitely stayed under my calorie goal all 3 days. It was pretty busy at work too, so I’m sure that I torched some calories serving tables for a total of 19 hours over the weekend.

Also, I weighed myself at my friend’s house last night, and the scale said 138.6!! (That means I lost about 10 pounds!) I’m really hoping her scale is accurate, because if it is, that’s great!! I’m really starting to see/feel tone in my muscles too! When I move my arms, I can see them flex & I keep finding myself touching my thighs, because they’re no longer made of flab. There’s still a little bit of fat there, but I can feel my muscles when I touch my legs now, without even having to flex them and that’s awesome!

I’m really happy that I’m losing weight and gaining muscle at the same time. If you’re wondering what I’m doing to do this, I’m weight training 3 days a week and doing cardio 3-5 days a week. Weight training is key. Don’t just do cardio without weights, I tried that for a while and didn’t see any results. Also, I’ve been sticking to my raw vegetarian diet, eating mostly fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains. However, I’m not restricting my diet 100% from junk/treats, because that usually results in binges for me, from not having that stuff for a long time. Instead, I give in every now and then and have a little bit when I get a craving.

Anyways, I just wanted to give everyone an update and blog my intake for the day.

Today, I ate:

Breakfast: coffee, clif peanut butter builder’s bar.
Snack: apple cinnamon cheerios, coffee.
Lunch: everything bagel w/cream cheese, banana yogurt.
Snack: pistachios.
Dinner: tomato basil pizza burger.

Do you?!

What’s working/not working for you?!

Lately, I’ve been working out twice on weight days. Just because, I know weight training doesn’t burn as many calories at once and I don’t want to cut an insane amount of calories from my diet if I don’t have to, so I just balance everything out with some extra cardio.

Today, I worked pretty hard. I did my weight routine in the morning, worked one shift, came home & rowed for a half hour, and worked another shift. I feel like I burned tons and tons of calories, so I decided to have the smallest little scoop of ice cream before I left work, since I’ve been doing pretty well these past couple of weeks and I haven’t had ice cream in months. I just feel like its probably better to give in and have tiny little bits of the sweets/junk every now and then, rather than trying to cut them out completely and end up binging like crazy one day. Sounds about right to me.

Today, I ate:

Breakfast: Clif chocolate peanut butter builder’s bar & small coffee.
Snack: oatmeal with flax seeds & 1 scoop of whey powder.
Lunch: egg & cheese pita.
Snack: banana.
Dinner: broccoli pot pie.
Snack: small scoop of ice cream with hot fudge.

I finally treated myself to a slice of pizza and a doubleshot today, just because I’ve been doing so good lately. I felt bad afterwards, but then I realized you can’t cut out the things you love 100% of the time, plus I did a good amount of cardio today too, so I’ll probably get over it.

Today, I ate:

Breakfast: banana, luna caramel nut brownie bar.
Snack: clif mojo trail mix bar.
Lunch: slice of cheese pizza & coffee.
Snack: trader joe’s strawberry yogurt.
Dinner: honeycrisp apple, doubleshot, almonds.

Everything is still going good! I already did today’s weight routine this morning, and I rowed for 33 minutes too. Yay!

Today, I ate:

Breakfast: banana, apple cinnamon cheerios, vanilla frappucino.
Lunch: slice of trader joe’s complete protein bread, trader joe’s banana yogurt w/2tsp flax seeds, honeycrisp apple.
Snack: green tea & luna peanut butter cookie bar.
Dinner: broccoli, carrot & cucumber salad with 2 pieces of garlic naan.

I felt pretty damn good after this morning’s weight routine. It was definitely a good workout. It made me feel a little bit better about eating so horribly yesterday. I binged on junk food almost all day.. Sigh.. At least it was just one day though. It can’t hurt that much. Plus, I worked all weekend and it was pretty busy; waiting tables can be a good workout sometimes. lol

Anyways, I really like this workout plan that I’ve been following though. These workouts are great. I just have 3 weeks left on the lower body one and then I’m going to start the 4 week ab program next. I think I might even continue alternating between the two plans every other month until my birthday.

Today, I ate:

Breakfast: cup of coffee, banana, whole grain cheerios.
Snack: honeycrisp apple & small caramel coffee.
Lunch: Salad (cucumber, carrots, broccoli, croutons, fake chicken patty.)
Snack: small bag of Gardetto’s & 100 cal fruit crisps.
Dinner: tomato basil pizza burger w/tomato basil pasta sauce on italian bread.
Snack: banana & pistachios.