All I want for my birthday is to wear a bikini.

I just want to be toned enough to feel amazing in a bikini this summer. I've never worn one & I think I deserve it after all the hard work I've done/will be doing. Please feel free to follow & share your fit stories with me as well! I follow back! (As long as you're promoting healthy weight loss- I will not follow any pro ana blogs. Sorry.)

SW: 147
CW: 143

Starting Measurements:

Bust: 34
Waist: 29
Hips: 41

*tone abs, legs & butt

UGW:120's-130's: bikini/new clothes!

Goal measurements:

Waist: ~25-27
Hips: ~36-38

Diet: Vegetarian. (3 years & counting!)
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because I have waay too much music to restrict myself to a 4gb phone card.

I just haven’t bought one yet because I know I’ll end up buying the one with the most memory, and those are pretty damn expensive.

Today, I decided that as my incentive for losing 15lbs, I’ll buy myself an iPod touch after I reach my 6th goal weight of 133lbs. Sounds like a plan to me.